Lysa Greer

It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.


My Bio

I am a marketing consultant, voice over artist, producer, and proud mother of two boys. I enjoy helping small businesses make their mark and seeing fresh creations come to fruition. There’s nothing like having an idea and seeing it come to life! I have been lucky enough to work with some fantastic companies who have allowed me to grow and strengthen my skill set. Over the past fourteen years, I’ve worked in broadcast, interactive and print media, gaining experience from the ground up.

My Role

I am a project manager for a minimum of 20 client projects across the nation. I am responsible for the creation and execution of many client consulting tasks including, but not limited to; social media management, blogs, website content, SEO, graphic design for blogs and social platforms, reputation management, brand integration, and client relations. My strong suit is determining areas of improvement with a client's brand through online, direct, and business marketing initiatives.

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